Thursday, March 22, 2007

Evil Robot Alert #2 - Nasa Robonaut

Nasa seems to have a knack for creating creepy looking robots (the last link was from Nasa JPL), check this one out. I think it's the fact that the body proportions are off make this one unsavory.

If you were an astronaut and had to work with this thing alone in the cold black depths of space (where no one can hear you scream) would you wet your spacesuit? At least they didn't give it a human looking face.

What is the robot doing here? Pulling out the air supply? Punching the astronaut in the crotch?

More on NASA's Robonaut

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Anonymous said...

To make it a little more evil the purpose of this robot is to do welding work in space. Imagine this guy with a blow torch coming at you. This begs the question who would win in a battle, the NASA Robonaut with an arc welder or the wii arm with a broad sward?