Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Evil Robot Alert #26 - Robot Highchair

The geniuses who brought us Evil Robot Einstein have a new horror. Now instead of just putting a head on top of a creepy robot body they can fit a whole person. I'm sure this is perfectly safe... until the robot below decides it doesn't like being ridden and tosses you on the ground to stomp you to death with it's gigantic metal feet.

"Future applications include carrying old and disabled persons and moving heavy loads. Military is also one of its future applications maybe in a decade or so it will be running on fuel cells with a soldier mounted on firing rpg's and chain guns." Hubo FX1 chair bot -

Oh yeah, great idea.. nothing could possibly go wrong with that.

Watch this video of brave guy actually daring to sit on top of this death trap.

More on KAIST's HUBO FX-1

(Thanks to Rick H. for keeping us on our own feet!)

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Anonymous said...

Even if this thing never achieves sentience and rises up against us, it is the first step to a world where gifted but troubled children can accidentally level Tokyo while piloting robotic war machines.